Learn to Lead

10 Jul

Leadership: Ask 10 different people what it means to be a leader and you’ll get 10 different answers. Leadership is a multi – faceted issue. There are business leaders, church leaders, political leaders, community leaders, family leaders and so on. However, the principles of good leadership apply whether you’re in position to lead hundreds of people, ten people, or one person. Likewise,the pitfalls of bad leadership can trip you up whether you run a large corporation, a small business, or a growing family.

Maybe you want to be a leader. Maybe you already are one!

Great leaders are made,not born. But how can you make yourself into a leader? This one of a kind blueprint for leadership success will help you master all key principles and skills you need.

As a inspiring Leader, I want to share some:

* discovering outstanding motivation in a memorable quote from a successful leader.

* experience the powerful, timeless wisdom of a key scripture

* be challenged and encouraged by the real – life story of one great leader’s quest for excellence

* and much more!

This is the effect of God’s Little devotional book for leaders to me …. to encourage, inspire and motivate you to be the best leader you can be.

As you read, meditate on the principles emphasized and be encouraged as you walk the path toward your dreams, bringing others with you as you go.


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