How do you build trust?

7 Dec

Managers who have learned to build trusting relationships engage in certain common practices. The following summarizes what you can do to be able to build a  trusting relationships with your employees and to become a successful Hr Manager…

Practice openness – mistrust comes as much from what people don’t know as from what they do know. Openness leads to confidence and trust. So keep people informed, make the criteria on how decisions are made overly clear, explain the rationale for your decision, be candid about the problems, and fully disclose relevant information.

Be fair – before making decisions or taking actions, consider how others perceive them in terms of objectivity and fairness. Give credit where it’s due,be objective and impartial in performance appraisals, and pay attention to equity perceptions in reward distributions.

Speak you feelings – Managers who convey only hard facts come across as cold and distant. If you share your feeling, other will see you as real and human. They will know who you are and their respect for you will increase.

Tell the truth– If integrity is critical to trust, you must be perceived as someone who tells the truth. People are generally more tolerant of learning something they “don’t want to hear” than finding out that their manager lied to them.

Show consistency – People want predictability. Mistrust comes from not knowing what to expect. Take the time to think about your values and beliefs. Then let them consistently guide your decisions. When your know your central purpose, your actions will follow accordingly, and you will project a consistency that earns trust.

Fulfill your promises – Trust requires that people believe that you are dependable. So you need to ensure that  you keep your word and commitments.Promises made must be promises kept.

Maintain confidence – You trust people who are discreet and upon whom you can rely. So if people make themselves vulnerable by telling you something confidence, they need to feel assured that you will not discuss it with others or betray that confidence. If people perceive you as someone who leaks personal confidences or someone who can’t be depended on, you won’t be perceived as trustworthy.

Demonstrate competence – Develop the admiration and respect of others by demonstrating technical and professional ability. Pat particular attention to developing and displaying your communication, negotiation, and other interpersonal skills.


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