Whatcha doin’ for Christmas?

17 Dec

There’s just nothing not to like about Christmas, is there? Decorations everywhere, No classes. Lots of great Christmas music. No classes. Gifts. No classes!

Christmas is the world’s biggest birthday celebration. even people who have not accepted Jesus as their personal savior pay homage to Him by acknowledging the season. No matter how secularized Christmas becomes, it is still Jesus birthday.

So what are you doing this Christmas (besides not going to classes)? are you doing anything special to let Jesus – and others – know that this day is really special?

In our house, May is a big birthday month celebration (three celebration) so we figure out how to make each birthday special. Likewise, during Christmas season we all need to think of how can do things for Jesus and not just for  ourselves. Things like helping someone less fortunate by providing food or dedicating part of Christmas vacation to a mission’s project or spending time with some lonely older folks.

The first Christmas was God’s supreme gift to us as he provided the one who would eventually die for us on the cross. The wise men traveled long distances to worship Him and bring Him special gifts.                                 (Matthew 2: 1 – 12) http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+2%3A1-12&version=NIV

even though they probably arrived some months after He was born, they didn’t let that first Christmas go by without doing something for the one whose birthday is was.

As people was have received salvation from Jesus, We have something back to Him. That’s why when someone in your dorm asks “whacha doin’  this Christmas?” one thing they should hear is, “I’m doing something for Jesus.”


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