Cover – ups

18 Dec

Remember when you were a kid and you got in trouble at school? The last thing you wanted was for Mom and Dad to find it out about it. So you hide it as long as you could  even though you were miserable until your parents finally learned the truth….

Then you got in trouble big time! NO matter how old we are, we have this tendency to cover up our blunders in personal  life in business or in government.

For example, after World War II ended, newspapers reported that us forces occupying Japan destroyed 5 atomic cyclotrons. Scientists and public officials were out raged. They called the destruction of this valuable  and expensive research equipment a “Crime against Mankind.” So much good could have come from them.

They likened it to destroying  a valuable research library. A n investigation revealed that the cyclotrons were destroyed by mistake. what is not interesting, however, is how the military handled the error. Some high ranking leaders called for a cover up. They wanted to hide it from the press and the public. But General. Leslie B. Groves, the officer in charge, knew better. He issued a public statement that War dept had made the error. The press was shocked at such honesty and soon lost interest in the story. Later Gen. Groves concluded, ” Honest errors, openly admitted, are sooner forgiven.” that sound  like Proverbs 28:13 to me”If we conceal our sin, God will remove His blessing. But if we confess it, the Lord will forgive us and show us His mercy.”

When we sin, let’s be quick to confess it to God and experience His forgiveness. No cover ups


“We cannot hide the truth in God’s keen eyes”


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